Fabric water vapor transmission tester to determine water vapor permeability (waterproofing and moisture-penetration performances) for various fabrics (including moisture permeable coated fabrics) and Non-woven fabric for garment usage including bat wool, space cotton, etc.

1 Features

1.2.1 Comply with multiple standards and measurement methods.

1.2.2 Rotary sample placement, speed adjustable.

1.2.3 Wind speed is adjustable. Adopts imported wind speed sensor calibration, speed accurate and stable.

1.2.4 Small fluctuations, temperature and humidity control PID algorithm effectively prevent humidity through impact; Including temperature and humidity calibration function, can avoid the deviation caused by long-term use of sensors.

1.2.5 High precision temperature and humidity sensor to get stable test data with high precision.

1.2.6 Single-chip microcomputer control, color touch screen operation, modular design, digital Settings for temperature and humidity, intelligent control, real-time display of temperature and humidity and time regularly.

1.2.7 Available in color touch screen input parameters, calculation WVT, WVP, PV value.

2 Standards

ASTM E96 BS 7209 JISL1099 GB/T 12704

3 Operation

3.1 Check before switch on machine

3.1.1 Check three phase four wire system voltage connection is correct.

3.1.2 Check whether water tank has been adding water to 8/10, and no leaking.

3.1.3 Check whether the required sample cup is complete.

3.1.4 Equipment is smooth, fixed apparatus and press brake piece of four castor .

3.1.5 To ensure reliable grounding instrument.

3.2 Check after switch on machine

3.2.1 Open the host power supply.

3.2.2 Check whether color touch screen displays well, if not, check whether the line is loose.

3.2.3 Check whether work interface state of water level is normal.

3.2.4 Inspect whether work interface’s temperature and humidity display is normal, if not, check whether the circuit is loose.

3.2.5 If above is normal, then you can start testing.

3.3 Standard selection

Click key 【GB/T 12704】 【ASTME96】 【JISL1099】 【BS 7209】to select standards, and corresponding temperature & humidity.

Fixed wind speed has been set into these 3 standards【GB/T 12704】【ASTME96】【JISL1099】, so need to set turnplate rotary speed according to requirement. However, Fixed rotary speed has been set into standard 【BS 7209】, So wind speed need to be set according to demands.

3.4 Testing condition

According to research needs, click on the numerical input data to set other parameters.

3.5 Test Procedure

Prepare sample and sample dishes based on standards. After inner chamber temperature reach at preset value and maintain at least 15 minutes, put test dishes into chamber to do test. Please refer to standards required time to place sample and take out and weigh sample.

Note: During opening door, please do not take up oven long time to avoid affect the temperature balance of internal chamber.

After test finished, please switch off Fabric water vapor transmission tester machine and open chamber door to dehumidify, so as to prevent machine get rusty from long-term hoarding high moisture condensation.


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