Textile testing machine can offer tests items including:

1. Properti fisik: Kepadatan, Jumlah benang, gram weight, yarn twist, yarn strength, fabric structure, fabric thickness, stitch length, fabric cover, fabric shrinkage or woven shrinkage, oblique deformation, tensile strength, tear strength and seam slippage, joint strength, adhesive strength, single yarn strength, yarn linear density, prevent hook silk, crease recovery Angle test, water repellency test, softness, leakproof, elasticity and resilience, permeability, water vapor performance, general garment combustibility, children night combustibility, burst strength, abrasion resistance test, the pilling resistance, etc

2. Colorfastness: (samples) soaping fastness in dyeing fastness, rubbing fastness, resistance to chlorine water color fastness, the fastness to chlorine bleaching, the fastness to dry cleaning, the actual washing fastness (garments, fabrics), the fastness to perspiration, to water fastness and light fastness in dyeing fastness and the fastness to water, colour fastness to saliva

3.Dimensional Stability: Dimensional Stability of washing machine, dimension Stability of hand washing, dimension Stability of dry cleaning and dimension Stability of steam

4. Apperance After Wesh: washing machine appearance stability, hand washing appearance stability, dry cleaning appearance stability

5. Chemical composition Analysis, Chemical Analysis) : PH content, formaldehyde, lead, azo dye test, heavy metal content test, water absorption, moisture content, bad breath, effect of mercerized cotton, hot pressing, dry heat, deposit sublimation spot, acid, alkali, water pollution, such as phenolic yellowing

6. Fiber Content Analysis: cotton, linen, wool (sheep, rabbit), silk, polyester, viscose, spandex, polyamide, cashmere, etc

Textile testing machine