Traditional lubricating oil has always played an important role in the operation of textile machinery equipment. Today’s world-class textile business requires the highest production efficiency and quality, higher speed, longer running time and unplanned downtime. These requirements require world-class mechanical design in line with today’s world-class synthetic lubricating oil technology. Since the continuous upgrading of textile equipment, lubricants have been committed to providing the highest performance synthetic lubricants for key task industries and operations.

The series of lubricants for textile industry can be from the machines of natural fibers and synthetic fibers opening loose, combing, stretching and spinning to fusible spinning, winding, continuous filament yarn, high strength tire cord. Also used in warping, sizing, fabric forming, non-woven fabric, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing and other machinery, such a broad range of process and lubrication requirements need to be specially designed a variety of special lubricant to optimize a specific application.

With the comprehensive solution of lubricating oil, the world-class manufacturing operations can help you to improve productivity and quality, reduce energy costs, downtime, use machine spare parts and maintenance costs related to the overall cost.