The Full Automatic Air Permeability Tester is used to measure the air permeability of textiles, garments, non-woven fabrics and other materials, such as industrial fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and other breathable materials.

What is the correct explanation for “full automatic”?

Only automatic nozzle replacement is not fully automatic Permeability! At present, the production of Permeability (or fabric Permeability tester) more and more factories, the technical level is uneven, the factory publicity is almost the same, are all publicity – fully automatic fabric breathalyzer. However, for the customer, the product to achieve what level of technology, can be called – fully automatic fabric breathalyzer. In many factories in the market, automatic nozzle replacement is the biggest selling point of the product, claiming that as long as the automatic nozzle changes the ventilator, is fully automatic Permeability. Actually, this is a kind of technical misdirection!

Full Automatic Air Permeability Tester

Only automatic nozzle replacement is not fully automatic Permeability! The real fully automatic Permeability is not only to replace the test nozzle automatically, but more importantly, the test process is fast, fully intelligent, no artificial assistance, no human interference!

The so-called automatic nozzle replacement in many factories is entirely manually assisted intervention, the entire testing process, if there is no human operation, simply cannot complete the experiment. That is, control the mechanical rotation action through the single chip computer program, and then feed back to the instrument screen to show whether the size of the nozzle is appropriate, and then manually click the operation screen, and select the mechanical action to achieve the purpose of replacing the nozzle.

During the test process, it takes several times of manual operation to complete an experiment. Not only low test efficiency, time consuming, the key is the large error of manual intervention, test data distortion. This way, totally misleading technology, can only be called semi-automatic breathable tester. Replacing the nozzle by manually operating the screen is not a fully automatic Permeability!