The Heel Fatigue Tester is used to test resistance to repeated impact property for medium and high heels of female’s shoes at wearing state.

Under once per second, free fall motion, 0.68J energy, pendulum bob fall down to the vertical position from horizontal position, this machine impact female’s shoe heel until heel rupture / breakage or required fatigue times reached.


SATRA TM21,BS-5131

Test in preparation:

1.Take the heel of high-heeled shoes without injuries and remove the heel lift before test.

2.Quantity of sample:Take more than three heels(same heel) to test.

3.The standard condition of specimens: Place sample at the environment with the temperature of 23 2℃ before test, and test after it have stay in the environment with the RH 65 5% for more than 48 hours.

4. Take 3 heels of the same size for the same type and draw a marking line on the back of the heel 6mm from the heel heel tip with a steel ruler.

Test steps

1. Install the test heel on the tray, the back of the heel is facing the impact head, adjust the impact hammer as the lowest position so that the impact head is at the mark line of the test heel, to ensure the energy of each impact is 0.68j, and then lock the tray.

2. Start the machine, press “←” to set the number of tests, press” Stop “to return, and finally press” Start “to Start the test.

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Test results

1. The heel heel is broken at a distance of 20-40mm from the heel.

2. Heel heel is longitudinally cracked.

3. The heel reinforcement nail is broken.

4. Crack at heel impact point.

All the above tests are unqualified.