Product Detail

Kyowa Interface - Versatile Peel Analyzer



A pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape is known as not merely articles of daily use but plays significant role in various forefront industries such as flat panel display, semiconductor, and solar battery as constitutive parts and also integral part of their production process. 

The performance of a PSA can be characterized by adhesion, shear holding power, and tack tests Among them, adhesion tests are conducted widely to make an objective appraisal with quantitative evaluation following so 8510-1 and 2, the 90' peel est and the 180' peel test. The 180' peel test is tend to be affected slightly by the thickness and elasticity of PSA tape, and the 90' peel test may experience elongation and sagging of PSA tape due to rather complicated structure of jig. 

On the other hand, adhesion, peel angle and speed demanded for adhesive tapes used in the process of production are varied depended on applications and optimal tests are called on.