Product Detail

Ueshima - Izod/Charpy Impact Tester

IM-1100, 1200


The Izod/Charpy Impact Testers, the Series IM-1100 and IM-1200 are designed to measure energy value (absorbed energy value) energized for the destruction of the test piece which gets impact by a rotating hammer and destroyed. The test piece has two types in fixed size; one is with scratch and the other one is without scratch which is complied with the JIS K 7110 (Plastics-Determination of Izod impact strength) and the JIS K 7111(Plastics-Determination of Charpy impact strength). This impact tester is designed to evaluate the solid state properties about impact-resistance, frailty, tenacity, etc of the test piece figured out by Charpy impact value and Izod impact value from the cross-sectional area of the test piece and the absorbed energy value.