Pundi Artha Ghani

Pundi Artha Ghani (PAG) provides technology and services in the field of testing & measurement equipment,
analytical & laboratory instruments, engineering and consultancy on innovation & technology.
In supplying the technology, PAG is committed to provide applicable technology
and after sales services to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.

Company Profile

Company Name: PT. Pundi Artha Ghani
Company Establishment: April 2014

Main Businesses:

  • Supply of Testing & Measurement Equipment, Analytical & Laboratory Instruments, Industrial Machinery, and Engineering & Mechanical Equipment.
  • Provide Consultancy, Capacity Building/ Training and After Sales Services on Innovation and Technology

Main Technology:

  • Rubber & Plastics Testing Equipment
  • Paper & Leather Testing Equipment
  • Environmental Testing Equipment
  • Vibration Testing Equipment
  • Training Equipment

Vision & Mission

To build a sustainable and responsible businesses with innovation and technology

To achieve this vision, the company's mission are to:

  • Develop a robust foundation and global partnership for sustainable development.
  • Promote innovation and applicable technology to establish sustainable industries.
  • Promote the importance of quality and responsible development.

Our Client

  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • Research Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • Consultants
  • Power Producers
  • Tyre Industries
  • Government
  • Public Works
  • Construction Firms
  • Engineering Firms
  • Automotive Industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Cement Industries

Our Partner

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